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Fair Play To Us!

The most iconic festival in the South-West was finally able to take place following more than 2 years, not Glastonbury, we're talking about the St Bons Summer Fair of course!

Never have so many weather apps been consulted in the run up to Sunday 26th June with so many varying predictions. St Bonaventure must have put in a good a word for us because the sun did shine at precisely from the moment the gates opened!

The wonderful St Bons community came out in droves and they were in for a treat! Everything from delicious cakes to funfair games, hamper raffles, lego making, bouncy castles and even a visit from a fire engine! All to the back drop of the wonderful Sea Shanty band, Storm Force 10!

The day was fabulous, aside from a glitch when our card readers suddenly decided to stop working (to anyone who tried to pay by card and gave us an IOU, we will be in touch shortly!!). We can only presume we were hacked by a rival PTA, jealous of how well St Bons is supported....

Take a look at this video for a taste of the highlights!

All very well, but how much was raised?

We are ECSTATIC to let you know that thanks to your efforts, we raised....


This is a phenomenal sum and we are so grateful to every volunteer, local business and donor who helped make the day a success!

*If all IOUs pay what is owed following card reader outage! Which we are sure they will! :)

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