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Could you be our Uniform Rep?

Make a difference! Help families save money, save the environment and give a hand to those in need.

Want to help the school in a meaningful way but have little time??

How about volunteering to be our first ever Second Hand Uniform Rep! What would I do?

This role would simply involve

  • acting as a point of contact for donations

  • checking quality of donations

  • monitoring stock so we know what is in demand

  • answer requests for uniform (some may come via the school office)

We have already gone through everything and sorted it out so all the hard work is already done for you!

Do I need to store uniform?

If you have room for a few bags, great! But its not necessary.

How would people contact me?

We can set you up with a 'ptfa' email address so you don't need to use your own personal email as a contact.

How much work is it?

You can do as much or as little as you want! We estimate no more than a few hours a term at most.

Why do we need a uniform rep?

This is such a worthwhile role that really fulfils much needed demand for affordable/free second hand uniform in our school community. We work closely with the school to understand those families that may need help and we also ensure that uniform does not end up in landfill unnecessarily!

Interested? Want to know more? Contact us at

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