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Minutes, PTFA Meeting, 26th April 2023

Present – Aisling Jones, Sophie Loukes, Katie McMahon, Sandra Whitehouse, Marcela Gonzales, Luke Gaim, Jackie Young, Sarah Shreeves, Siobhan Riordan, Helen Albon.

Apologies – Jason Rayner, Isabel Gaiger

Recap Actions from March Meeting:

Survey results – Aisling and Sophie meeting with Helen to review and feedback to follow.

Sports kit sponsorship – follow up with 2 parents who volunteered


Account balance: £23,696 (trim trail payment has been taken now)

Outgoing payments:

  • £350 for Copper Beech Play forest school equipment. School ordering the rest of the items for the conservation area and general request items – They will request a cheque from the PTFA when complete.

  • Books for KS2 reading programme (£544.14)

Online banking – Lloyds timescales approximately 4 weeks. Donna Shaw confirmed they can accommodate online signatories. Donna happy to check application forms. General consensus is we should proceed with transfer

Bake sales – Agreed they were a success with each year raising approx £200.

March 3rd - Yr3 £133

March 10th - Reception £234.20

March 17th - Yr1 £252.50

March 24th - Yr2 £238

March 31st - Yr4 £182.50

April 21st - Yr5 £202.25 so far* Card machine glitch means we are chasing any due sums!

April 28th - Yr6 - to come

Term 5 & 6 Events

Friday 5th May - Second hand uniform sale. Aisling and Donna can help Ellie

23rd 24th Poss 25th May – Refreshments for Matilda Play – timings to be confirmed. Katie to check with Lou if licence required. Soft drinks, tea and coffee in the afternoon with alcohol at evening productions. Volunteers needed to sell refreshments.

Monday 19th June – Bag to school – advertise to classes. Volunteers required. Katie available on Mondays.

W/C 10th July – Sports Day – tea coffee, soft drinks.

*Summer Fair – Sunday 25th June*

Whatsapp group for subcommittee to be distributed to class reps

Raffle – Agreed it is always a big fundraiser. Tickets to be ordered to be distributed to classes before half term. Gift suggestion list to be sent to class reps towards the end of term to give people chance to sign up.

Stall Suggestions and actions

  • Bar – Stock to be arranged

  • Bar be que – Marcela has a gas bar be que and happy to man for a period of time. Sandra suggested that her class could also take that on.

  • Bouncing Brothers – Aisling checked they have availability for

Ice cream

Candy floss

Bouncy castle / dual game

  • Thai food stall – Nutch happy to run again – with addition of steamed dumplings!

  • Fair games

  • Bottle stall

  • Cake stall

  • Face painting

  • Possible Police car – Sandra asking a parent in 3B and Sophie following up with another parent who has contacts for their community outreach section to attend.

  • Band – Luke Gaim said he will ask some contacts.

Fundraising Discos

Possible date of 9th June being confirmed with school.

Sub committee with Siobhan, Sandra, Luke and Isabel confirmed

Discussion about how to make the event not first come first serve.

How feasible is it to use a computer programme to run a ballot system?

Should we run 3 discos instead of 2?

Ask Mr Morgan if he can DJ

Shorten KS1 disco to an hour.

Sub committee are going to set up a whatsapp and finalise the plans.

Frozen Fridays

Sarah to purchase the stock

Timetable for sales

  • Friday 26th May - Y2

  • Friday 9th June - Y3

  • Friday 16th June - Y6

  • Friday 23rd June - Y1

  • Friday 30th June - Y4

  • Thursday 6th July - Y5

  • Friday 14th July - R

Meeting Dates for rest of year

22nd May

27th June

July TBC


  1. Reactivate Summer Fair Committee Group

  2. Disco Sub Committee – agree date with school, ticketing method and number of discos

  3. Order raffle tickets

  4. Confirm licences for Matilda, Discos and Summer Fair

  5. Lloyds Bank Transfer

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