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Playground Equipment - help us decide!

We have been working hard in the background and are excited to finally reveal details of our biggest project to date.....The installation of a 'trim trail' set of playground equipment for St Bons!

This is the outcome of discussions with the school around what the PTFA can do to make a positive and long lasting impact for the entire school.

And we would LOVE your opinions on which design option to go for!

Why a trim trail?

Although we are lucky to have lovely grounds for the kids to roam around and play, we don't have much in the way of playground equipment. A trim trail set of equipment is specially designed to ensure children;

  • increase physical fitness

  • improve upper and lower body strength

  • develop balance and co-ordination

  • increase confidence and understand risk

  • engage in turn taking and team work

  • strengthen gross motor skills

All of which in turn provide benefits in the classroom!

Where would it go?

The area near the bike stands which currently houses a climbing wall. This part of the playground has bad drainage and gets very muddy in winter. You may notice it is cordoned off during winter months, leaving it unused.

The trim trial will be installed along with a new ground surface (similar to astroturf). It is our intention to re position the climbing wall to another area (subject to inspection of the wood on dismantling). It is not possible to incorporate the current climbing wall into the trim trail for a number of health and safety reasons (required clearances around it given its height).

Proposed Designs

We are working with Pentagon Play - a UK based playground specialist. They have worked with the school previously in designing and installing the Reception playground area and are the top rated in the UK.

Design Option 1:

This design consists of 6 different pieces.

  • Twin Incline Balance Beams

  • Horizontal Log Bridge Crossing

  • Stepping Log Traverse

  • Mini Balance Beam - Inclined

  • Horizontal Swinging Log Crossing

  • Zigzag Rope Balance Traverse

  • Log Balance Weaver with Incline Beam

Playturf to be installed underneath your new Trim Trail

Total £15,235.00


Design Option 2:

This design consists of 4 different pieces.

  • Forest Pull Up Bars

  • Horizontal Swinging Log Crossing

  • Log and Net Climber

  • Net Tunnel Bridge

Playturf installed underneath your new Trim Trail Total £15,120.00

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