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PTFA Meeting Minutes 14th Oct 2021

1) Introductions and Apologies

· Apologies: K McMahon, S Whitehouse, J Young, S Shreeves, J Rayner

· Attendees: A Jones, H Wilcox, S Smith, S Riordan, D Shaw, C Toffolo, L Griffiths

2) Actions from last meeting

a) Teacher rep on PTFA - no volunteers so far. Mrs B happy to be a go between and nominate teachers as needed per event.

b) Well being pod purchases – Aisling to add photos to the PTFA website/newsletter. Action complete.

c) Regular credit going into the account of varying amounts - Aisling to check what these are and get back to Jason. Action complete (payments related to paid subscriptions).

d) Updating signatories to PTFA account - Jason to push with NatWest one more time. Confirmation outstanding, Jason to confirm. Natwest have credited the PTFA account with £200 as apology for delay.

e) Second hand Uniform sale - Aisling to do social media/website notice to ensure families know about this provision. Action complete. Committee are happy to donate uniform to school be used as spares.

f) Dedicated uniform stock manager - Aisling/Sophie to advertise for this role. TBC pending online uniform shop which may negate need for this role.

g) Usborne/Amazon Smile/Easyfundraising - Sophie to do SM reminder to publicise these. Action complete.

h) Christmas cards – Marcus to help automate this process as far as possible. Action complete.

i) Christmas fair – set up sub committee and recruit volunteers. Action complete.

j) KS1online disco – get availability and quote.Action complete.

3) Finance

a) Account balance stands at £15,491 at last statement (to 5th Oct)

b) Signatories update – Action: Jason to confirm with Natwest.

c) Gambling licence renewal – we have applied to Bristol City Council for the small lotteries licence with requisite payment. We need a number to put on raffle tickets so need to chase this with Bristol Council. Action: Jason to chase up.

d) Paypal set up – Action: Aisling to pick this up again and continue application on assumption bank signatories have been through.