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Survey Results

Thank you to all those who responded to our online survey. We have read and analysed all the comments with the oversight of a parent who specialises in communications and engagement.

Many thanks to Helen for her help!


Actions as a result of feedback

  1. The PTFA will do more communications about where the funds are being spent and the difference your money is making to school life

  2. The PTFA will do a newsletter three times a year and more bite-sized content for social media

  3. From Sept 23, we will set up an ‘opt-in’ WhatsApp broadcast group to ensure clear, concise communications

  4. The PTFA will focus on finding ways to be as inclusive as possible - be clear about the size/scale of tasks available such that busy volunteers can still help out

  5. You have said you love the big fairs and the type of events we are already doing- that’s great, we will continue with this!


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The details

We had 54 responses overall. This represents approximately 20% of St Bons school families. Types of respondents broken down as follows:

1 = Not clear at all. 5 = Extremely clear.

1 = Not at all informed. 5 = Extremely well informed.

1 = Extremely difficult. 5 = Extremely easy.

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