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The circus came to town!

Last week the St Bons kids had full permission to clown around at school through an entirely PTFA funded 2 day circus skills workshop!

Kids Circus Workshop is a professional Bristol based company that specialises in running educational workshops. They pulled together a phenomenal 2 day experience where every St Bons year group had the opportunity to challenge themselves by learning new skills such as juggling, plate spinning, hoola-hooping and more!

The programme focused on building resilience and confidence, with each activity tailored to give each child their own chance to shine.

This culminated in a fantastic whole school performance on a gloriously sunny Fri 25th March! Some parents were lucky enough to catch some of this and the kids were enthralled!!

If you want to smile, just listen to the squeals of delight in this video! Apparently setting fire to your hat is always a winner....

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