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AGM Minutes

PTFA AGM Meeting Minutes – 08.02.24 8pm


Present: Aisling Jones, Sophie Loukes, Sandra Whitehouse, Siobhan Riordan, Sarah Shreeves, Jackie Young, Helen Albon, Rachel Joshi, Ellie Eakins, Lucia Montes de Oca, Louise Wakefield, Beezy Wakefield, Elly Shearman, Lorna Walter, Robert Clements, Lisa-Marie Utley, Simon Eakins, Abi Lethbridge, Kate Wellings, Bella Todd, Pat Chapman, Irie Ebner

Also, minus surnames: Kelly, Anna, Venice, Eliza, Kev, Jo, Marcela, Reena

Apologies: Katie McMahon, Jason Rayner


20:00 - Meeting attended by over 18 people, so quorate.

Aisling ran through the Chair’s report from the AGM report, thanked everyone for their support, ran through what has been raised and where the money has been spent. The PTFA have been able to fulfil so many of the school’s wishes.

The committee has supported the school’s key aims of ‘Learning Though Play’ and ‘Encouraging a love for reading’, and most recently has purchased everything from the teacher’s Amazon wish list.

Provided a summary of the Treasurer’s report in Jason’s absence, and we raised a record of £31,430.33 over the school year.

Highlighted easy ways to support the school:

  1. Sign up to Easyfundraising! PTFA gets a % of what you spend online at no extra cost to you! Scan here and select St Bonaventure's Catholic School as your cause.

Add the browser extension so you it automatically applies.

  1. Monthly donation - Donate | St Bons PTFA

  2. Matched funding - ask your HR team if your employer offers this

  3. Amazon wish list, easy way to support your child’s class - link here:

Both Aisling and Sophie thanked everyone for their support over the last 3 years, they have found it such an incredible and rewarding experience, it’s been a privilege getting to know the inner workings of the school and Mrs Ballantine with her passion for the school.

Committee Members Voting

Member Role

Nominated By

Seconded By

Chair - Helen Albon

Sophie Loukes

Sarah Shreeves

Treasurer – Jason Rayner

Aisling Jones

Sandra Whitehouse

Secretary – Katie McMahon

Jackie Young

Sarah Shreeves

Cashier – Sandra Whitehouse

Siobhan Riordan

Ellie Eakins

Cashier – Siobhan Riordan

Ellie Eakins

Jackie Young

Member – Jackie Young

Aisling Jones

Siobhan Riordan

Member – Sarah Shreeves

Jackie Young

Rachel Joshi

Website – Marcus Cherry

Sophie Loukes

Sarah Shreeves

Uniform – Ellie Eakins

Jackie Young

Sophie Loukes



Sophie welcomed Helen Albon to the role of Chair.

Sophie, Aisling and Helen have had an initial meeting with Mrs Ballantine to hand over, and Aisling and Sophie will be meeting Helen again to run through a full handover and to update the charity commission, legal documents etc.

Jason’s Treasurer update:

·        Nearly there with online banking, this will offer better real time updates and visibility of the finances.

·        After recent spending, should still have just under £20,000 in the bank account.

Mrs Ballantine has a lot of ideas for future funding, along with the PTFA annual support. To include:

·        Developing IT equipment

·        Developing unused parts of the playground

·        Annual funding of a workshop for each year group

·        Funding new books for the library

·        Funding towards bigger projects

·        Long standing commitments to year 6.

Coming up:

·        To align with the school’s focus on oracy, have arranged Author/ Poet visits for KS1 and KS2. Also working with Max Minerva to find an Author for the older years.

·        Cover for the new fire pit.

Funding ideas:

·        Posters to support times-tables/ multiplication.

·        Metal ‘Show you care, park elsewhere’ signs, look into this again now there is a caretaker.

If you gave other funding ideas, please get in touch with the committee.

Upcoming Events, dates to be confirmed:

·        Uniform Sale – perhaps Fri 1st March combined with selling daffodils?

·        Disco – 17th May? (Sandra happy to help)

·        Summer Fair – Sun 23rd June?

·        Bake Sales, Frozen Friday – consider scheduling to avoid too much for parents and risk of not enough support. Possibly hold them on a Thursday or join year groups? Or reduce the number of events.

Event ideas:

·        Fruit and veg sale.

Louise Wakefield highlighted healthy eating goals of the school, so perhaps look at fruit and veg sale rather than donuts/ cakes? Suggestions – Strawberries, fruit skewers, watermelon, or fruit lollies?

Action for the committee: look at frozen healthier options.

·        Easter raffle/ guess the mini eggs in the jar – to align with the Easter festival?

·        Auction – online and in-person option, or sell tickets at gate?

·        Quiz Night for parents – positive feedback from meeting attendees, and a couple of potential quiz master Dads at the school, perhaps late April? Next step, create a group (Rachel, Beezy, Aisling)

·        Bag2School

·        Committee event – Sandra offered to host an even to thank Aisling and Sophie, after mid-April.

·        Plant stall in May, families to grow and donate? Jackie to do some research on good seeds/ plants.

21:20 - Sophie closed the meeting and thanked everyone again for their support.



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