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Grow With It

From creating a paradise for bees and constructing a giant Bug Hotel, to developing a Living Wall and a natural playground... we have BIG plans for the next few years! Read on for more info.

Over the next few years we’ll be transforming unused areas of the school grounds into buzzing hubs of biodiversity and eco-learning zones to help meet the school's learning goals. But that's not all... we also have exciting plans to create a natural playground for active adventure, imaginative play, and lots of fun!

We’re going to be taking part in the RHS ‘Grow With It’ campaign which is all about schools and communities joining forces to grow for our changing climate.

What all this means in practical terms is… it’s time to roll up our PTFA sleeves and get ready to fundraise, and volunteer, to make it happen!

Here’s a sneak peek into what we have in store:

  • Biodiversity boost: From a kitchen garden to a world garden, a Living Wall to a giant Bug Hotel, we’ll be rejuvenating unused spaces around the school grounds so that they buzz with life and support learning about topics such as bees, and aspects of the school curriculum theme Care for our Common Home.

  • Eco-learning zones: We’ll be creating spaces where children can take action, get their hands dirty, and learn first hand about sustainable living. We’re talking about installing a new greenhouse and raised beds where they can grow their own plants and discover nature.

  • Natural playground: We’ll be focusing our fundraising on developing a natural playground, or a natural ‘playscape’ at the back of school, designed by our children! Think of this as a space for active adventure, where children can have fun, be creative with natural elements, and where they can be physically stretched too.

Creating a paradise for bees, eco-learning zones and natural playscapes doesn’t happen overnight. It needs teamwork, funding and support. That’s why we’re going to be taking this slowly and in small (ish!) bite-sized phases. We might also have to scale back, or scale up (!) our plans, depending on levels of funding and support.

There's a summary below on each of our proposed phases. If you want to see the full proposal which was shared at the PTFA meeting on 14 March 2024, here it is:

Before you scroll on further for the details, here are three ways you can help make a difference over the next few months, as we get started:

  1. Can you offer your time to plant the kitchen garden? or maybe you are a dab hand at making raised beds? If so, we would love to hear from you.

  2. We need seed growers! We'll be running a plant stall at this year's summer fair and will be looking for lots of plant donations. If you can help grow things from seed then please let us know.

  3. We are also looking for companies to sponsor this project and / or to donate materials. If you work for a company that might be interested in getting involved we would be very keen to speak to you!

If the answer is yes to any of the above, or if you have any questions, please email us:

Thanks for all your ongoing support!


This is about increasing the biodiversity of several areas at the back of the school, and two at the front. We want to get this phase implemented as soon as possible so we can support the school’s focus on bees in term 6 of this school year.

Kitchen garden

We’ll be filling the raised beds at the front of school with herbs and other plants which will attract bees and other insects, and we’ll be leaving some space for children to plant their own vegetables too.

World garden

We'll be creating a small colourful scented display of plants from around the world in this area at the entrance to school, alongside (we hope!) a small self-sustaining water feature – all this will be symbolic of our work towards the CAFOD Live Simply award, ‘caring for God’s creation and standing in solidarity with our global family’.

Living Wall

We hope to create a ‘living’ or a ‘green’ wall at the back of school filled with climbing plants, herbs, flowers and bird boxes.

Giant Bug Hotel

The shorter end of the wall pictured above will be giant Bug Hotel, possibly like the one pictured below.

The second phase of our project is about helping children ‘take action’ to plant and cultivate their own seeds ready to be planted either in the raised beds at the front of the school and / or an area at the back. We would like to add a greenhouse to the area next to the driveway at the back of school.

The third phase involves transforming a much larger area at the back of school (pictured below) into a natural playground for children to play and exercise. The objective is to provide challenging play equipment which stretches children more physically, and gives them a different outdoor experience in an environment which is biodiverse, and encourages wildlife. There would also be a focus on improving wellbeing and having fun in nature.

Room for imagination

We would love the children to design their own natural playscape - this will open up lots of possibilities (which are probably a lot more exciting than the pictures below!)!

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