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Unveiling our new murals!

We invited children across the school to decide which plants and insects best represent St Bon's - as part of their 'Care for our Common Home' learning, and our Grow With It project - and their creative ideas have been brilliantly incorporated into two new murals.

Branching Out

The mural at the entrance to school is called 'Branching Out'. It features fireflies chosen by the St Bon's children to symbolise how they, as individual lights, come together to create a brighter light.

The children also chose a willow tree to symbolise St Bon's, with God as the supporting trunk. The tree provides habitats and resources for diverse ecosystems, with St Bon's depicted as the roots and foundations, and the branches representing helping hands reaching out to others.

There's more to come soon as we add a beautiful array of plants to the flower bed in front of it. We hope you enjoy it!

Thanks also to Faye Chadburn our mural artist, for bringing these ideas to life. We love the end result!

Giant Bug Hotel

Prepare to be amazed by our 'Giant Bug Hotel' - it's as impressive as it sounds!

It features real mini bug houses, to attract and support various insects, promoting biodiversity right here at St Bon's. But that's not all! We are also planning to create a mini wildflower meadow beneath the Bug Hotel, with climbing plants set to scale the wall.

The children were asked which plants and insects best represent St Bon's. In this design the children chose ants to represent St Bon's as they work together and help each other, collaborate and co-operate, and are persistent and determined.

The sunflowers are there to represent St Bon's as they shine brightly and make people happy.

Thank you Paper Walls for making our dream of a 'Giant Bug Hotel' come true!

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